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linked to james lee. we will begin with a broad belt. he is the very latest on the investigation -- brad bell. >> is james lee wanted to blow something that, it looks like he was capable. officials found four more explosive devices at his home in a wheaton. it has been revealed that he was carrying two guns into the discovery building, but it turns out they were harmless starter pistols. a far greater danger was posed by for explosive devices. at least one of those was potentially deadly. today, police and federal agents served this week in holland where he rented a room. there, they made a frightening discovery. >> there were four devices, four of those were safely rendered and detonated safely. >> investigators are looking to confirm that he was acting alone. they are looking for any car that leak may have been using. -- lee may have been using. the discovery network is trying to get back to normal. >> we are so relieved that this ended peacefully export all of our employees. no one was hurt. the hundred or so children from our day care center where all protected -- protected and home
:00 this afternoon when james lee, well- known to the people at discovery as a longtime protester, showed up in the lobby. what james j. lee may not have known during his four-hour siege of the discovery channel building is that for the entire time, the police literally had him in their sights. when just before 5:00 he appeared to threaten peace hostage -- threaten a hostage, the police sniper pulled the trigger. them he pointed his gun at one of the hostages. it is not confirmed if he actually fired the weapon or not, but at that point, or tactical units moved in -- are tactical units moved in and shot the suspect, who is deceased. >> lee, known as a longtime protester at the discovery channel, walked into the networks lobby, firing a shot from a handgun and told the people they're not to move. he appeared to have explosives strapped to his body and carried it back pox. he kept three male hostages in the first floor lobby. an hour later, he began a cell phone conversation with the police and the rest of the building including a day care center was evacuated. many in neighboring buildings we
. the chief was not able to say the condition of james lee. he said he was in custody. we understand now that the situation has been somewhat resolved. the hostage taker has been shopped. -- has been shot. >> there are other suspected explosive devices in the building, possibly in backpacks. they have not had a chance to render them unsafe. they are trying to make sure any explosives have been removed. and long investigation still ahead. brad bell has been live on the scene. what is the latest? >> when we last spoke we all heard a pop. we were hearing from security guards hoped up by radio that there was a body on the ground outside the building. it appears the suspect came outside and at that point he was shot. don't know whether they shot him if he raised his weapon to police, but he was shocked when he came out sign -- but he was shot. i don't think anyone has gone to the suspect. i'm not sure if that is the case. it appears to be the end to quite an afternoon. this all started about 1:00 this afternoon when the suspect james jay lee, a protester at the discovery channel brandished a
communications in silver spring, maryland. the gunman, james lee, police shot and killed him and he's dead. the three hostages he was holding inside are safe and thank you for joining us tonight on the news edge at 6. >> the news edge at 6 starts right now. >> one bullet from a police sniper. that took the life and that shot rang out an hour ago and some sort of explosive device went off. >> that's right, james lee took hostages, he was waiving a hand bomb and had two pipe bombs. all of the hostages are safe and our team coverage has the latest. >> reporter: one thing we heard interestingly frommion mccarthy there is that that probation period that -- ended two weeks ago and we have a mug shot to show you two years ago, when he was arrested on disorderly conduct charges outside of discovery headquarters and there is his mug shot. he was in the middle of the a weeklong, 12-day protest and basically saying he was trying to get them to save the planet. he was charged and found guilty, acted at his -- as his own attorney and said his goal was to change the programming on the network of broadc
james lee may have left behind when he stormed that building and took hospitallages yesterday afternoon. it was an ordeal that lasted for several hours and you told us just a short while ago that they did find something inside, right? >> that is correct, gurvir. they have abeen doing a sweep throughout the night inside the building and montgomery county fire officials are telling me that they did evaluate several different packages that were inside. at this point, we don't know if these were packages that were left behind by people leaving the discovery building or what. but they can tell us that there are four specific packages that they did disrupt that were found in the lobby area. this was reported yesterday. they said there were two boxes and two backpacks that were found in the lobby area that they believe the suspect, james lee, brought into the building. they were concerned enough about those packages that they did disrupt those. they are not talking right now about specifics about what the contents was of those packages. only that they did disrupt them and did look at several o
conference. to recap this man, sources identified him as james lee and he has been shot. the device he was wearing went off. the hostages are okay. the chief was shocked, they felt he could be about to harm the hostages and that is here from outside of the discovery channel. >> and tell us what it involved with police going through the building to make sure they were talking about the possibility of other explosive devices that need to be rendered safe. what is the process now to try to get that building clear? >> what they're going to do, they may use robots and they could use a -- what is called a water canon to try to render it safe before they approach it and if they feel it's safe enough, they will go over to it and x ray it and see if they can see what is inside. those are two things they can do and they have disruptors, charges to put on and to script them and make sure they don't go off to the full extent of the explosion and explosive devices inside if they are explosive. those are some of the things that they will be doing and they will have the bomb squad go in there and tha
james jay lee, armed with a gun and with apparent bombs strapped to his chest walked in to the lobby of the discovery building. >> it sounded like two bombs. it happened so quick. people were cry, they were scared. >> reporter: an internal e-mail was september out telling them to shut themselves into the offices and not leeft building until given the all clear. lee then took three discovery workers hostage keeping them in a first floor room. in covering the developments, nbc news producer's called discovery's general number. a man identifying himself as james lee answered the phone. >> i have a gun and i have a bomb. i have several bombs strapped to my body ready to go off. i have a device that if i drop it, if i drop it, i'll [ bleep ] explode. >> reporter: four hours in to it, the standoff came to an end when police say lee pointed a gun at one of the hostages and the s.w.a.t. team took action. >> our tactical officers were able to get into position where they were very close to him. they were watching him via camera. it is reported that he pulled out the handgun that he came in wi
ended the drama. the gunman identified as james lee is dead, everyone else safe and sound, the investigation, though, just beginning. fox 5's roz plater begins our team coverage live outside the building which is still an active crime scene. >> reporter: we've been told now the explosives team on the inside has discovered three packages. now given all that the main thing may be the hostage and -- hostages and everyone else got out safe. an employee on his way back from lunch spotted something terrifying in the lobby of the discovery building in downtown silver spring. a man with a gun and what looked like explosives strapped to his body front and back. he called to warn co-workers. >> he was really scared and panicked and nervous, all of those feelings, because we heard he had explosives. >> reporter: from the windows workers could see police officers, guns drawn surrounding the building. by e maim they were alerted when it was time to -- e-mail they were alerted when it was time to evacuate. daycare workers brought out children in cribs rolling them across the street to s
yesterday. james lee. he walked into the main lobby at 1:00 yesterday afternoon with a handgun and explosives strapped to -- strapped to his body and carrying a backpack and boxes cobbles also believed to be explosives. he entered, shot, and told everyone ought to move. he took three men hostage. officers got him on the phone and started negotiations. at 5:00, officers had deal in their sights. he threatened a hostage and that is what sniper pulled the trigger ultimately killing him. according to silver spring as -- according to the silver spring is police chief, of the metal canisters exploded when he was shot. everyone is safe this morning. officers will be valid here for some time making sure silver spring is safe and the threat no longer exists because of the boxes that he had. yesterday we did hear the bombs of bringing out some of those boxes and disrupting the devices. back to you. >> thank you. >>> montgomery county executive in leggett released a statement thanking the police department and the banking discovery channel workers for their bravery. if we have also recei
protester james j. lee walked into the lobby and fired a shot. she was trapped in her office across the street. >> it was so scary. it was scary. you cannot leave the building. the police came and what not on the door and said, you cannot leave. >> he appeared to have explosives strapped to his back and took three hostages. as the rest of the discovery building was evacuated, including a day care center, where he hunkered down in the lobby for the long haul. outside, police created a safe zone. >> it is unbelievable. unbelievable. >> at about 2:00, with police swat teams and bomb squad at the ready, negotiations on cell phones began. then suddenly, just before 5:00, we are gunshots. police chief delivered the news. >> the police ultimately shot the suspect. there came a time where with tactical cruise watching the suspect, they were watching the entire time on security cameras as well as with their own eyes, they saw the suspect craze is gone toward a hostage. something transpired. police tactical units shot and killed the suspect. we're told that his body was outside the building.
discoveries and developments. we now understand that james lee apparently has been shot, or the man that we believe is james lee apparently has been shot. apparently they believe that the three hostages taken into custody, their lives were in some danger and we're told that an explosive device did go off. but what we have not been able to confirm is whether or not the person who was shot, the person named james lee, was taken out alive, was taken out at all, is alive or dead, and we have not been able to determine the condition of this man. >> and the police are saying it's an unsafe condition because of other devises in backpacks around the building, looking at those in the lobby area. they were able to get to the three hostages. they are near the lobby. after long discussions, again something must have made them believe this is an unsafe situation or rapidly becoming so, so at 4:48 that changed and some altercation occurred and the suspect james lee was shot. his condition, they will not confirm that or if he's even been taken out of the building. >> and chief major did make a point to sa
of a madman, james lee allegedly pointed a gun at a hostage moments before police shot and killed him. it happened inside the massive discovery communications headquarters at kohl'sville road and silver avenue at civil spring. our network reporters are -- and silver spring. our network reporters are covering every angle. we begin tonight with roz plater. >> reporter: we just learned there are teams of explosives experts and technicians still in that building tonight. we're told they're conducting a floor by floor search going over it with a fine tooth comb looking for any explosives that gunman may have left behind. 1:00 in the afternoon a man walks into the discovery building lobby in busy downtown silver spring. he has a long standing grudge with the cable channel and he is armed. >> he had what we believe to be explosive devices strapped to his front and back. he also had a handgun. there are reports that we've not confirmed yet that he did fire a shot when he came in. >> reporter: some 1,900 people work in the building and there's a daycare full of children. one employee on his wa
yesterday afternoon. it was an ordeal that lasted for hours. gunman, james lee, is dead and everyone got out okay. roz plater has the story. >> reporter: 1:00 this the afternoon, a man walks into the discovery building lobby in busy downtown silver spring. he has a long-standing grudge with the cable channel and he is armed. >> he had what he believe to be explosive devices strapped to his front and back. he also had a handgun. there are reports that we've not confirmed yet that he did fire a shot when he came in. >> reporter: some 1900 people work in the building and there is a day care full of children. one employee on his way back from lunch spotted the gunman and called to warn his coworkers. >> we all went to the windows to see. s.w.a.t. and everyone was pulling out, ganz drawn. we started getting e-mails telling us to get ourselves locked up into the closed offices up there, be safe. >> reporter: police mobilized quickly, tactical teams moving into place trying to get a read on the gunman. they soon learned he had taken three hostages. then employees get a second e- mail telling them t
their focus was james lee's last known address. investigators spent hours today combing this wheaton home from attic to basement and their search turned up even more explosives. >> four additional devices of which we can tie the individual to right now were obtained from the residence and subsequently successfully detonated. >> also investigators believe lee had a vehicle, but so far they have not found it. meantime new information and insight are painting a picture of lee's personality. fox 5's bob barnard has more on that. >> you're recently evacuate the. please stay here for an announce -- evacuated. please stay here for an announcement. >> reporter: one day after the madness and his death we're learning that james lee was an angry loner with a long standing hatred for the discovery channel who was not afraid to kill his hostages. >> i'm sure it was terrifying for those three men that were there because they were listening to what he was saying and he made it very clear he was willing to kill himself and take them with him. >> reporter: home for lee was this house on kimberly street in whea
and gunmen. we had the first pictures coming from the james lee's home. >> many are thinking of the fire and police departments for their amazing work. we are getting a night -- an inside look at the 911 calls. >> move as far away from the building as you can. >> as people were shuffling out of the building, montgomery county police were moving in. >> i am directly behind the suspect. i have a visual. >> officers and did not know what james lee was capable of, but they did know he was armed. a frantic call came in -- a call came into 911. >> i am in the main lobby of 1 discovery place. >> news came as a shock to james lee's roommate. lee was renting a room. police found explosive devices, a gas can, and books on saving the planet. they did not expect he would do this. >> there is a hostage. there is someone in the building with a gun. >> but the recount the officers did not expect it either. -- montgomery county officers did not expect it either. >> we had hostages. it does not get any more tense than that. >> police say they were able to gather valuable information from the 911 calls th
the sinister james lee. police reveal new details about the culmination of his crusade. >> we know the three men who were held hostage inside this building actually tried to escape. at that very moment, the swat team moved them. they shot james lee and a secured his pipe bomb. for the first time, we are hearing what police were saying through the radio. >> we've got a man inside with a fast track on him and some kind of device on his hand. >> you are hearing a radio communications swat team members had during the standoff. >> there is a wall between me and him. i have a visual. there is a flashing red light around his waist. >> james lee had not one bit to guns in the lobby of the discovery channel building. the epistles are not a serious threat. the explosive devices could have been deadly. >> we were really frightened. as it turned out, the situation was handled very well. >> law-enforcement today found even more dangerous materials inside this home where he had been living. >> fou additionalr vices of which we can tie the individual to right now. >> neighbors were warned to take your chil
where they found the four additional devices. it's the last-known address for james lee. the neighbors say the only thing that stood out about lee is the passion for feeding birds in the backyard. one neighbored that it attracted rats and complained to the owner of the house. the police say that lee brought backpacks and boxes into the lobby of the discovery channel where he took the hostages and inside, they found other devices, ski masks, batteries and a second starter pistol. today, ab executive with the discovery singled out the security guard who was held hostage and praised him for being a calming influence and assisting with the negotiations. you may recall when police were talking about the incident yesterday, they knew a shot was fire and the couldn't confirm that any bullets were fired. someone heard a shot or shot. now we know why. it was a starter pistol shooting blanks and they're also looking for a car that they believe belongs to mr. lee but we don't have a description of that vehicle, shawn. >> paul wagner with the latest. thank you, paul. >>> meantime, hundreds of disc
, what can you tell us today? >> officers say that the gunman acted alone. james j. lee was well-known at discovering. a longtime protester who was upset with their programming. four hours , james j. lee held three men hostage inside the discovery channel building, beginning 1:00 yesterday afternoon when he locked into the main lobby with a handgun, a metal canisters strapped to his body, carrying a backpack and boxes believed to be explosive devices. he fired a shot and told everyone to stay put. if an hour later the officers began negotiating with him on the phone until 5:00 p.m. when he threatened a hostage. police snipers pulled the trigger. >> hart tactical units moved in at that point and shot the suspect. -- our tactical units. >> workers were told to evacuate or to hide. those working your 900 down as well. >> it was scary. >> lee was the only casualty, but police still took action after hearing this boom. several loud booms word and a bomb squad disrupted the devices that he brought into the building. back out of here alive, police are in front of discovery headquarters.
that his name is james lee. derek mcginty is leading the team coverage from the scene where the press conference just wrapped up, derek, and we learned a lot. >> reporter: okay. all right. yes, well, lesli, pretty amazing scene here. just a few minutes ago i was kidding about getting dribs and drabs of information, we just got a whole boat load of information a few minutes ago about what happened. at 1:00 this afternoon the suspect entered here. we know it is james lee. he had a gun. we believe that he may have fired a shot. they have not yet confirmed whether he he did. he took three hostages. one of them ironically a security guard. but the folks from discovery, david levy, said he was not armed. he took the security guard and two other folks who were randomly in the hallway at that time. after that we wept through the whole event of the day, the evacuation and then finally later on they say they shot him at 4:48 when he pulled out the handgun and appeared to point it at one of the hostages. that is when the police tactical teams moved in and fired and killed him and then one of the
, and several batteries with james lee at the discovery building lobby. >> there were four devices. they were safely rendered and detonated. >> it was an emotional day today for employees of discovery communications. this woman came back to get her purse. she said that the mood inside was startling. >> some people are emotional. >> knowing how affected workers might become a top executives called and all hands meeting in the building. someone in attendance soot -- sent us this photo of the a twitter. -- via twitter. >> he was the calming influence in that room. he helped with negotiations. >> again, the breaking news at this hour is that we learned that he was in possession of eight devices. they would not characterize how powerful they were, but he said they were devices. there were taken very, very seriously. the police chief says they want to make sure that mr. lee was acting alone here. they are still looking for the car he may have been operating yesterday just to make sure that does not pose a danger to the community. they want to wrap up their clock -- investigation. >> thank you. >>>
. pr >> inhostages taken, thousands evacuated. ua several hours later, the r, gunman, james lee, is tshot dead. sarah simmons joins us live l with the latest now. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rn steve and allison. police, as you canli see behind me, are still on the scene at this discovery building. ld from what i understand talking with montgomery inkicounty fire officials they tell me police are still doing an investigation in the lobby area and are going to be there for or an unforeseen amount of time now. although fire officials expertso have been here throughout the t night going through the building with a h fine tooth comb. if you take a look at video. vi you can see from overnight when we first arrived, that they have been out here in full force trying to see if there he was anything else inside of the building that they needed to be aware of. we know they did evaluate e several packages. ag what those were we don't know. we knowdon't know if they were behind by discovery employees lo at this yepoint. but fire poofficials are tellin us there were four
. a security guard and two employees. >> and now that suspect, james jay lee, afraid years old, is dead. shot by police after he made a threatening move. hear now from police chief tom manger. >> reporter: as we were negotiating with him, our tactical officers were able to get into position where they were very close to him. they were close enough to hear what he was saying and what he was doing on a camera. at one point, the suspect reported that he pulled out the handgun that he came in with. and he pointed it at one of the hostages. it is unconfirmed whether he fired the weapon or not but at that point, our tactical units moved in. they shot the suspect and the suspect is deceased. >> reporter: the police this place surrounded. they say it happened around 1:00 this afternoon. a man with canisters of explosives attached to his body in some bags and boxes, a gun in his hand, waving it around, goes into the lobbyist discovery building. tell people to stay still. an alert goes out. all the employees told to lock down, lock their offices. eventually police sweep the place. the employees are let
the suspect, james lee, in particular, his bizarre environmental manifesto. and police are talking to the three hostages trying to get anymore information. joining us for the latest on the investigation is chief tom major with the montgomery county police department. thanks for joining us. obviously, teams have been sweeping the building, looks for explosive devices. is the build all clear at this point orb are there still people inside working. >> we have folks still inside working. it is a methodical time consumer prices to render the devices we knew to be there to be safe. the suspect had four devices on his person and two boxes and two backpacks that had items in them that he brought in. the bomb squad has been working through the night to get those items, identify the items and make them safe we are still working in there. hopefully we will be done soon. >> reporter: you say you have detonated some devices. that tell us us they are real devices a sense of what kind of devices and how much damage these could have done. >> the bomb squad folks were such great value yesterday. we
that hostage stand-off yesterday. he 43-year-old james lee had four explosive devices strapped to his chest. he made threatening actions. this morning workers allowed back inside the building for a meeting with discovery executives and to see grief counsellors. megan mcgrath has been outside all morning. >> reporter: when james lee burst into the lobby, he was waving a handgun and had several explosive devices strapped to his chest. today we are learning more about those home made bombs and their lethal potential. >> he had four devices on him. there were two propane tanks, the kind you would use going camping. the propane tank hz pipe with shotgun shells attached. i had pipe bombs that contained fireworks type explosive. >> reporter: for nearly four hours, lee held a security guard and two employees hostage. when an nbc news producer called discovery's general line, lee picked up the telephone and started talking. >> i have a gun and i have a bomb. i have several bombs strapped to my body ready to go off. i have a device that if i drop it, if i drop it -- i'll explode. >> reporter: the stand-o
a little sometime. we weren't making progress. >> reporter: the suspect, james jay lee, threatened to kill the hostages, threatened to kill himself. lee's weapons. two guns. they turned out to be starter pistols. they make noise but they don't shoot bullets. attached to his body, two small propane tanks, and two pipe bombs. >> the explosive devices that he had could have done significant damage to that lobby area and certainly would have been lethal. certainly to him and possibly to hostages. >> reporter: the hostages. one security guard, two discovery employees. they were forced to lie on the ground. >> they're listening to him saying he is ready]iÑ to die. they're listening to him saying, basically saying that he has no concern for them or their lives. the fact they were able to hold it together as they did is just, i think they displayed great courage. >> reporter: the take-down. police secretly maneuvered an acteam on the other side of the wall close by the suspect. when thing got threatening, the acteam acted. >> there was something that they did that tack his attention away from tal
that the suspected gunman, james lee, had four explosives strapped to his body. lee was later shot and killed by police. the three hostages were able to escape and no one else was hurt. it was a terribly frightening ordeal for the hundreds of employees who work at the building in silver spring. news 4's megan mcgrath has been there all morning long and joins was the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. if you take a look behind me, wayne salve still closed off in one direction here, the side right up against the discovery building. we still have quite a police presence here on the scene. they have actually given the all-clear for the discovery building. every area except for the lobby. they are still doing some investigating in that lobby area back where this confrontation took place. and so it might be some time before that a area is opened up to discovery employees. but employees are returning to work, at least for a few hours today, if they so choose. the building opened up at 10:00 this morning and will be open until 1:00 in the afternoon. but as you would imagine, it
's headquarters outside washington, d.c. this afternoon. james lee was his name. lee had a history of harassing discovery. he was arrested during a one-man protest of the channel in 2008. and now, evidence of lee's murky motivations is beginning to emerge, including an online man any fes to. in it, he cites and author who we talk to tonight. john donvan has our report. >> reporter: say this for the discovery network. locked down for long hours today, a gunman somewhere in the guts of it headquarters, police taking a position outside, hostages grabbed in its lob bi, everyone who could, evacuating -- >> move away from the building. >> reporter: hundreds of employees, plus the chirp in the full-time day care. amid this confusion, amid this uncertainty, say this for discovery, the channel never blinked. >> "american chopper." >> reporter: this is what was on its air through the entire afternoon. uninterrupted. "american chopper." even as news choppers hovered overhead and details emerged about the gunman, said to be this man, james lee. a self-styled environmental anarchist who had harassed discove
doing an ongoing investigation. >> the gunman is identified as james lee. he is dead. effect else is -- everybody else is safe. sarah simmons has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. police still have the scene here at the discovery communications building. fire and ems officials are still inside and they've gun going with a fine-tooth comb through the building looking for any other possible explosive devices that may be in there. they are expected to continue this until about 6:00 this morning. this has been going on throughout the night. this started at 1:00 yesterday afternoon. a man police have now identified as james lee walked into the discovery building lobby. he had a long-standing grudge with the cable channel and was armed with explosives and hand gun according to police. he reported lie fired a shot when he first went in and took three people hostage. employees were warned by e- mails to hide in their offices. a second e-mail instructed them to evacuate. en was able to get out safely. during the situation, an nbc producer called the discovery building and talked with
them tight. >> i can understand that. james lee was armed with starter pistols before he was shot and killed by police. cannot disturbing new video in cincinnati. this is a video of a toddler smoking marijuana. the child's mother was behind it. you see a two-year-old girl smoking a joint. the little girl's mother actually recorded the video and topics will have to smoke. the mother has been indicted on several charges. >>> we have growing concern that smoke could cause -- metro board chair says the card is more expensive than previously thought. they thought it would cost around $2 to make the card. the actual cost is the browns' $3.40. -- is around $3.40. that is something to consider. >>> more showers and some severe thunderstorm warnings for folks around martinsburg. we had some gusty winds and a little bit of rain today. it was a very little bits, or a bit more. this is how it looked earlier today. temperatures outside right now is still into the 70's. 70 degrees right now. 92 degrees. let me show you right now. this is the area that is still under severe a thunderstorm mornin
communication with the suspect here, james j. lee. that's a good indication that they can keep dialogue open as they try to resolve this, correct? >> it's actually excellent. i mean, they really got him on the phone very fast. i mean, montgomery county police are very efficient. their s.w.a.t. team is some of the best in the country. they have a great negotiating time. i worked with him on the d.c. sniper case. they are very good and got him on the phone very quickly. that's good for james who is in there as the hostage taker but very good for the people being held, that there's an open line of communication where they can, you know, bring down the emotional level here and get to, you know, the meat of the matter, in other words, what are his demands? what does he want, and how can they work together to resolve it? >> also, you know, as i mentioned just a moment ago, and tamron and i were talking about this, that we haven't gotten more information from the most recent update but police said earlier there are hostages. we don't know the number, but that's priority number one to make sure that
, a look at tonight's game -- at james lee is a room. he can see a gasoline can. the can was part of a number of bomb making utilities. there was also a box with the books on saving the planet. police say is extreme -- a teenager is in trouble for allegedly pointing a laser light at an airplane. the 15 year-old was arrested at his home. investigators say the incident happened on wednesday when a plane was attempting to land at dulles. that plane flew over sterling, a laser light shined into the cockpit. it is illegal to interfere with the plant's operation. >>> hurricane earl is on the move. we will have a live reports on preparations there. what is and are forecast for the holiday weekend? bob ryan will tell you what to expect. >> the latest on stephen strasbourg. nyjer morgan is suspended. the >>> he is making his presence felt directed to presence felt. >> outside, take a look. our temperature is 90 degrees right now. we have some sunshine coming out right here. sunshine in a lot of spots. this was, by the way, our 68th day of 90 degrees or more. 67 is the record. our temperatu
what happened in the last hour of james lee's life. audrey barnes has more. >> reporter: the discovery building will be closed until tuesday. the good news is, it has been cleared of all bombs. even so, the investigation into the man behind the ordeal continues this morning. montgomery county investigators yesterday spent all day searching the last known address of suspect james lee. it was a house in wheaton. they went over that place from top to bottom, the attic to the basement turning over everything they could. what they turned up inside were more explosives. it's the kind of incident police train for and ironically, montgomery county just had an exercise with a very similar scenario. >> four additional devices of which we can tie the individual to right now were obtained from the residence and subsequently successfully detonated. the investigators continue to look for a vehicle that was owned and/or operated by the individual. >> so, we were concerned about him having radio control switch to an explosive. we watched him take a pin out of the switch then put it back in a couple of
identified the man. >>shepard: the name we confirmed through discovery is james jay lee. >> he identified the suspect as james lee and said he was well-known to people in the building, and consistent with what the last guess said he organized a protest here about a year or two ago where he hired homeless people to be part of the protest. i was told by this engineer at discovery that there is a book or document he was obsessed with and was obsessed with nature. in any event, what he described is the suspect walked into the building, the lobby, with a gun, not a pistol or happened gun, and he was also wearing a vest and on the vest what appeared to be two pipe bombs strapped to the prompt and we do not know if they are explosives or just dummies. he described them as two pipe bombs. and he said there were four propane-type cannisters on the vest and said it was not a gas i recognized but a type of gas that was used for welding and he was familiar with this because he is an engineer and there were cannisters on the back of the vest and he said lee was holding what looked like a stapler with
-taker. what we heard in the last press conference. that is what happened. james lee was becoming more agitated, that they were able to watch him closely via a camera. it looks like they were threatening the hostages on the round. he said he was going to take them with them and at that point the situation changed from a negotiation situation to taking action, and the snipers again shot at him, some sort of device on his body also went off. so this could have been a much, more severe situation as far as lives lost. >> the profiler told us that in most cases hostages do walk away from situations like this safely, and that san diego good news about this. the three people who were taken hostage who were also "discovery" communication employees emerged safely. we'll send it back out to derek mcginty. >> thanks, leslie. it is interesting, i was talking a little bit about things getting back to normal. wait a second, did i see cars drive down here? are these private vehicles coming through? look at this. these are folks coming down wayne avenue. i see vehicles turning and about to go down 29. we've go
and we were learning more about this man, james j lee. >> reporter: long after the police shot and killed james lee and freed his hostages in silver spring discovery building, investigators remained on the scene. in the words of montgomery county chief tom manger, tieing up the loose ends. >> we reported that he had a handgun. in fact we found a second weapon later after the incident was over. both weapons have turned out to be starter pistols. >> reporter: overnight police found the four bombs lee had smuggled into discovery yesterday afternoon. it turns out though, it did not end there. >> residents here in the county were located and -- a resident here in the county were located and four other devices of which we can tie the individual to were obtained from the residence and subsequently successfully detonated. >> reporter: they are still looking for a car lee may have used. and while there are questions remaining about how he came up with the explosives, as of now they do believe lee acted alone. as for lee's mental state, john mccarthy said he was evaluated back when he was arrested
force to take him out. he confirmed that the suspect which we identified as james lee entered the building at approximately 1:00 eastern. he carried with him a vest, and also a gun. in addition, we learned a few minutes ago he had two boxes. and two back packs. police here are still work ing under the theory that the boxes and back packs still in the building behind me may contain explosives. we learned that negotiation process or a communication began with the gunman. it went on for a couple of hours and then around 4:00, things were not going well and the tension was ratcheting up. at this point, tactical officers had moved in to the ground forearea of the discover -- ground floor area of the discovery building and they were able to see the gunman james lee with a camera that was now in place. just before 4:48, the suspect pulled out the handgun and pointed it at the hostage. one of the hostages. it was at that point that the police here felt that the hostages were in imminent danger and that's when they made the decision to use lethal force. i think one of the most striking
neighbors are say bath life of james lee. >> please stay here for an announcement. move as far away from the building as you can. >> reporter: one day after the madness and his death, we're learning that james lee was an angry loner with a long standing hatred for the discovery channel who was not afraid to kill his hostages. >> i'm sure it was terrifying for those three men that were there because they were listening toking to what he was saying and he made it very clear that he was willing to kill himself and take them with him. >> reporter: home for lee was this house on kimberly street in wheaton. neighbors tell is us he had been renting a back room for the past several months. >> sort of unemotional. didn't seem like he wanted to interact much. very friendly neighborhood, people say hi, wave. just didn't seem to have that interest in socializing. >> i never saw him smile. always bitter, always serious looking. >> reporter: the next door neighbor said lee had a soft spot for squirrels but even that caused trouble. >> from day one, hi a bone to pick with him. wanted him to stop feedin
side fied as james jay lee. he goes by the name of lee. he's organized lengthy protests outside the discovery channel for about two years. he was recently arrested on charges of littering and d disorderly conduct in front of the building itself. he has a myspace page and a websi website. at one point he notes in his demands on the internet that humans are not necessary. we've got with us, derek bartlett, a former s.w.a.t. team member and sniper team member. hopefully the information is correct. everyone is out of the building. this is not a hostage situation. if that is the case, you have an individual, he's armed, he may have explosives. how the s.w.a.t. team who's in contact with him hopefully get him out of there safely and end this? >> well, if things are where they are right now, hopefully you contain him, you contact him, you talk to him. and you give him a chance to air whatever grievance he has and hopefully give up peacefully without injuring anyone in the building or s.w.a.t. officers or himself. obviously the goal is to get everyone out alive. >> absolutely. and if al
held three people hostage today till police shot him dead. his name was james lee. we'll take a look at what made him tick. his rants online are bizarre. we'll also hear his voice when he was called, actually, inside headquarters. we have the tape of that. some early answers about why he did what he did. >>> also ahead, keeping them honest. why would anyone be against some efforts to stop schoolyard bullying? you'll hear one group's explanation. we'll talk about that with people on all sides of the issue. you talk to these guys. they go through every car and truck we make with a big fat red pencil. because they know a family's going to be inside. a teenager. a guy on the way to the job. the engineers of chevrolet. just another reason why we can offer a 5-year 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. and another reason why a chevy's a chevy. why does it say box tops for education on your soup? oh, it's a program that raises money for schools. that's great, but this is a can. yes it is. you can't have a box top on a can. yes we can. but a can isn't a box. we know. i don't think you do. [ male
. his name was james lee. we'll take a look at what made him tick. i mean, his rants online are just bizarre. we'll also hear his voice when he was called, actually, inside the headquarters. we have the tape of that. some early answers about why he did what he did. >>> also ahead, keeping them honest. why would anyone be against some efforts to stop schoolyard bullying? you're going to hear one group's explanation. we'll talk about that with people on all sides of the issue. i'll have a lot more ahead. stay tuned on "360." there's no way to hide it. sir, have you been drinking tonight? if you ride drunk, you will get caught... and you will get arrested. i can take one airline out... and another home. so with more flight options, i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest. where you book matters. expedia. loves to tell everyone how drivers can get discounts up to 40 percent. your neighbors -- your neighbors can tell you, too. they're probably some of state farm's 40 million drivers. so talk to them. then call a state farm agent like me. call her. [ both screaming
of this investigation they are trying to answer. police believe james lee acted alone but suspect he had a vehicle. montgomery county police spent hours searching this wheaton home from attic to basement. it's the last known address for suspected discovery gunman james lee and their search turned up more explosives. >> four additional devices of which we can tie the individual to right now were obtained from the residence and subsequently successfully detonated. the investigators continue to look for a vehicle that was owned and/or operated by the individual. >> reporter: it's unclear how lee traveled to the discovery building, but police say when he walked into that lobby wednesday afternoon, he was carrying two boxes and two backpacks. once inside he strapped on the explosives and he had come prepared. two starter pistols, two propane tanks attached to pipes loaded with shotgun shells, two pipe bombs with fireworks explosives inside and in his hand he was holding a switch with a wire attached. >> so we were concerned about him having some radio controlled switch to an explosive. we watched him t
with the shooting of that hostage-taker. a man named james lee walked into the discovery building and perhaps fired a shot. we are waiting for confirmation on that. he took three hostages and held them for four hours and then police opened fire and killed him. delia gonsalves has been here with me much of the afternoon. she gives us more on the details on how it went down. >> it has been a very chaotic day. a lot of questions are still unanswered at this point but we do know thankfully that the three hostages, all men, who were held by the gunman for nearly four hours are now home and are now safe. earlier today, it was a pretty hectic scene as folks were spilling out of discovery channel. a lot of buildings around here were on lockdown as well. we're even told there were several dozen children who were in a day care center on the bottom floor of discovery channel, they were evacuated safely. but police say at 4:48, it all came to a close when the tactic unit moved in and shot and killed the suspect. they say he was making a move to injure, possibly shoot, one of the hostages and that's when they m
tonight, who was this guy james lee and why the heck did he do what he did? lindsey massis talked to people who knew him. >> i knew him as being a nice person and he was against animal cruelty. >> reporter: some of the men that knew lee when he was homeless say he was extremely passionate about his beliefs. >> he just don't like the way they treat animals. >> reporter: they say he was kind and cared about animals but lee's 1100 manifesto outlined different demands. save the planet was his website, all demanded discovery and focused on getting rid of pollutants. to lee, those pollutants are people. all programs on discovery house tlc, quote, must stop discouraging the birth of any more human parasittic infants. human infertility must be pushed. he said he worked at discovery five years and says he was there when lee was arrested in 2008. >> at that time, it was never a threat of any violence, but you got the impression that he wasn't stable. >> reporter: marcus heller says he filmed this youtube video of people running around. he was arrested and charged with disorderly
opened fire killinggtheice gunman. he's identified as james lee preeiously had protested the network programming. employees are relievvd 3 hostages escaped unharmed. they included a security guard ho is also an iraqi war veteran. >> he was the real calmingg% iifluence in that room. he helped feed information back >>reporterr ann some people ttat work round ere say they do remember james lee as the man who protested outtide of the discovery headquarters andd% they say on some occasions he even offered passerbyyup to him. silver sprrngs, fox 45 news at 5:30. >>> tte traans running smoothly onight but not tte case last nature for riderr. about this video sent in to us stuckkin the heat n newt harleton. more than 500t passengers were transported to another train causiig at least 1 hour delay there. it affected some of the samee6 c1 people who were stuck on marked train or abbut 2 hours laurrn ook has he traffic edde report. hello loren. >> ww have trouble on 95 where a tractor-trailer has caught fire in andarundle county northhound lanes at route 175 and if you are travel
, a harrowing scene -- three people held hostage by the 43-year-old james lee armed with explosives and a pistol. >> now, for the first time >> the hostages speak out. >> in an exclusive interview, they reveal what happened moments before swat team members moved in to shoot and kill james lee. >> who made the decision that you're going to run for it? >> it was a mixture of signals. the guard was signalling with the police outside. >> he says that he thought it meant he was supposed to make a break for it. >> he was talking to the police outside. i did not realize that melts to the guard to run and he shook his head yes. >> the man ran as swat team members fired and the siege ended. the bomb squad moved in to disrupt the explosive device. they discovered more explosives or later. a security guard who was also held hostage will not appear on the episode today. you can see the entire interview at 4:00 on oprah and for reaction to the interview, stay tuned to abc 7 news at 5:00. >>> the lawyer for the fort hood shooter says the shooters court trial should be closed to the media and public. the milit
describe what james lee had on. >> it's a yellow backpack strapped around him. it looks like a harness. it has two yellow bottles and a red one. >> reporter: montgomery fire chief said lee had four explosives with him. two of them he describeds propane with shot gun shells. other two were pipe bombs. lee had protested the channel in the past saying its environmental programming didn't little to save the planet. a security guard calling the police clearly recognized the man responsible for terrorizing two employees. >> james lee, asian male, 5'11'' 40 years old. >> reporter: investigators are still looking for a vehicle owned or operated by him. >> to help spread the word about the first early voting the governor and lieutenant governor anthony brown cast their ballots for the election. this marks the start of a period in which voters can cast their ballots for the september 14th primary. >>> disappointing news for ravens fans. the nfl network reports the team will place ed reed on the physically unable to preform list meaning he will be out at least six weeks. as recently as this wee
named james lee has objected to the coverage of green issues. hostages were unharmed. our correspondent was at the scene. >> [unintelligible] this ended after a four-hour standoff with police shooting dead a man who held the one -- been holding captive three employees. he walked into the building with explosives strapped to his body. we know that that man was james lee, an individual with a vendetta against the discovery channel. he claimed they channel promoted procreation and was contributing to the world's overpopulation. he also said he held the discovery channel responsible for some of america's immigration problems. even though it ended with police shooting him dead, investigations were continuing with officers scouring the building for further explosive devices he may have planted. >> at least 25 people have been killed and 170 injured after three bombs exploded in the pakistani city. police said at least two of the attacks were suicide bombings. the prime minister describes the attacks as cowardly and says perpetrators will be punished. ejaculations have begun in areas of the u.
learned more about james lee. wjz and andrea fujii are staying live on the story. good morning once again, andrea. >> reporter: good morning. we now know that police were monitoring the gunman's movement inside the discovery channel building. they moved in quickly when they saw the gunman point a gun at a hostage. >> i heard some folks coming from the hallway running toward us telling us there was a gunman in the building. we got down on the floor. we prayed. >> reporter: the first word of trouble came early yesterday afternoon in a last email to discovery channel employees. some said locked in their offices. others ran out on the streets. babies were pulled from the inhouse daycare center has police moved in. >> did everybody get out? >> reporter: the gunman is identified as 43-year-old james lee who rallied against discovery channel for years. a website lee maintained demanding the discovery channel and its other channels, animal planet and tlc run better programming. >> wearing what appeared to be metallic cannister devices on his front and back. he also pulled a handgun out. >> report
of hostages and s.w.a.t. team negotiators tried to talk to this james jay lee. they have been in touch and in contact with him. he is 43 years old. he has a history with authorities there dating back two years ago. he has some problem with the discovery channel and their coverage of overpopulation and global warming. >> let's go live now to news 4's aaron gillcrest who has the latest. aaron. >> pat, we're set up on colesville road at east-west highway just a couple of blocks from where the discovery building is and the police presence has been in force through the afternoon. what we're seeing from our vantage point right now is people trying to go about their business. the road here is blocked for vehicular traffic, but there have been a lot of people walking through this area, going about their business. some people getting off the metro seeing this huge police presence out here, trying to figure out what's going on. the trains, the metro is running right now. there have been buses coming through this area, but it's been a bit confusing. people are not getting a lot of answers as to w
the montgomery county police chief. the suspect is named james jay lee. he is armed. holding a small number of hostages. we do not know how many a "small number" is. they are not saying. they say the hostage negotiators are talking to more lee in the building as we speak and the entire building and area around it is in lockdown. the bomb squad is on the scene. so far, no injuries reported. joining us by phone is mr. leonard, more lee's brother if law. are you surprised when you heard the reports today? >> of course i'm surprised. but at the same time, it's heartbreaking. >>neil: what is your connection to mr. lee? >> she my brother-in-law. >>neil: is he still married to your sister? >> no, i'm married to his sister >>neil: the family was concerned about him that it predates the last incident. >> he has been a very unstable and disagreeable personality. >>neil: hang on, the police chief is getting, giving us an update. >> we are the lead agency here. (inaudible) right now we are held by various agencies. it is my understanding that montgomery county police officers are talking with him and t
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